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FULL TEXT: SBN 2073 on Repealing the CPD Law

Full text of Senate Bill filed by Senator Recto which aims to abolish CPD law. The Senate Bill which seeks to abolish the controversial Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Law of 2016 was finally filed and now available in the Senate website. Full text is posted below. Based on Senate records, Senator Ralph Recto introduced the… Read More »

Bill seeking to abolish CPD Law filed in Senate

Senator Recto finally filed a bill that will abolish the controversial CPD Law. As what he previously announced, Senator Ralph Recto has formally filed a bill that seeks to repeal the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Law of 2016. The Senate President Pro Tempore introduced Senate Bill No. 2703 entitled “An Act Repealing Republic Act 10912,… Read More »

Recto moves to abolish CPD Law

Sen. Recto heeds the clamor of Filipino professionals to repeal the CPD Law. Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto said that the passage of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Law was a mistake, and he is moving to file a bill that will repeal it. “I will be introducing a bill that will repeal Republic Act… Read More »