Verifying that your LPG tanks are genuine can be a matter of life or death

Gas leak fire incident

“Counterfeit” is a taboo word in local retail that all industries have been battling for decades. However, unlike counterfeit brands for clothing or bags, fake and knock-off liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanks can be a matter of life and death. Any potential of gas leaks from the wrong tank could lead to massive fire incidents, … Read more

Island Gas now in Iloilo, opens LPG distributorship in whole of Panay

island gas iloilo

Dominant LPG maker in Luzon launches Island Gas Iloilo, seeks distributors for the whole of Panay Island. Island Air Products Corporation (IAPC) Group of companies has officially launched their top product Island Gas liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Iloilo recently. IAPC top executives came all the way from Manila to hold an Investors Night at … Read more