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Collectius Transforms Debt Management Operations with NTT DATA and Microsoft Azure-Powered Platform

Collectius, a leading debt restructuring partner for financial institutions across Southeast Asia, recently partnered with Microsoft and NTT Data to optimize its operations. This will ensure better services for customers and enabling more people to manage their debts effectively. “Our business is to purchase portfolios of consumer loans and recover them by supporting customers to… Read More »

ISOG opens interactive virtual cybersecurity summit to empower information security professionals in the new cyber norm

The Information Security Officers Group (ISOG) officially opened the I am Secure 2021: The Great Shift virtual cybersecurity summit. The full virtual event is part of the grandest and longest cybersecurity awareness campaign in the Philippines that will run from October 8- November 8, 2021. This interactive convention will gather thousands of enablers and decision-makers… Read More »

Empowering Filipino Youth with Informed Educational and Career Paths through’s Innovative Platform, the largest education tech platform in the Philippines and one of the finalists in the 2020 Emerge X Startup Competition, is partnering with Microsoft to accelerate growth in the education ecosystem, enabling more Filipinos to achieve their education and career goals. “Obtaining meaningful employment for our Filipino youth starts with getting the right education… Read More »